Ray's Test Pages - Page loading times (3)

I was hoping to use the image onload event to test when the images were fully loaded and so give an estimation of how long each would load. Unfortunately, the image onload event seems to be triggered before the image is fully rendered, and so can't be used.

The whole HTML page is 2kb
The first image is 33kb
The second image is 18kb
The third image is 22kb

Whole length = 74kb

Assuming that most of the HTML will load evenly...

After the first image has loaded, 45% of the page has loaded (33/74 * 100)
After the second image has loaded 24% of the page has loaded (18/74 * 100)
After the third image has loaded 30% of the page has loaded (22/74 * 100)

The images do not load in the order they appear on the page, so each needs to be calculated.

This page created 25th November 2004

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