Persistence of Data

A page to investigate how to pass data between web pages. The methods to be investigated are using the URL, session and persistent cookies.

The user changeable options require the passage of multiple variables between webpages on my site. These are :-

background image -bgi
background colour - bgc
font for all text - atf
heading text colour - htc
heading text size - hts
sub-heading text colour - stc
sub-heading text size - sts
main text colour - mtc
main text size - mts
emphasized text colour - etc
link colour - nlc
vlink colour - vlc
alink colour - alc

A total of 13 variables.

The variables will be used using A links in t he code for the pages. Defaults are to be provided using a .JS file. In this way they can be reused by each page.

This page created 23rd February 2004

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