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For a while now I've been looking at ways to brighten up the design of the site. In the end I decided that this site will be one of the most user configurable on the Internet. I want the visitor, if they want, to be able to choose their own menu type, background image or colour, and font type and colour. I want them to be able to choose if they want the change in style to apply to the site while they are visiting just for this session or to remain persistent and remain the same each time they visit it.


I'd like the visitor to be able to choose a font type and size from a list or table, or be able to use a font from their own computer.

There isn't a way to collect information about the fonts installed on a user's computer. There is but it only works for Windows based machines - see http://www.gemal.dk/browserspy/fonts.html So probably the best thing to do is to provide a short list of fonts for the user to choose from. I'll also include instructions on how to change the default page colour and fonts using the browser options. The font size should be easier to do, just a drop-down list of point sizes from 8 to 14 or 16. The font tag is depreciated in HTML 4.01 but this is the only way I can see of doing this.

There are other things to think about. Do I give the user the choice to use things like bold, italics or underline styles for the fonts, especially for the headings? Do I make the headings and subheadings 1 or 2 point sizes larger than the main text or do I give the user the opportunity to use what font sizes and styles they like for each individual page element?



If you've any suggestions, help, advice, bits of code, whatever please email me at brisray@yahoo.co.uk

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