Bristol Seals, Arms and Logos (3)

Bristol's Seals, Arms and Logos (3)

Where to see the Arms

It's hard not to walk around Bristol, especially the older part, without seeing the City of Bristol arms. Various buildings, ships, bridges, street furniture and other objects have the arms on them somewhere.

Bristol City Arms

I took this picture nearly 30 years ago - in the early 1980's
It is of the Bristol Coat of Arms painted on the side of a train at Bristol Industrial Museum

Bristol Arms

This image comes from a set of Raphael Tuck postcards published in the beginning of the twentieth century
"Heraldic" Series 159. This series along with Tuck's "United Kingdom" series was published in 1902 / 1903.

It was the above postcard that got me reinterested in the city's arms and prompted the writing of these pages.

Bristol arms

City of Bristol arms
This photo was taken of the arms on Bath Bridge, Bristol (near Temple Meads railway station)
Image from Wikipedia

City of Bristol arms

City of Bristol arms
This photo was taken of the arms on Plimsoll Bridge, Cumberland Basin, Bristol
Image from Wikipedia

Flickr and other websites have several interesting photos of Bristol's arms submitted by various people. Clicking on the following thumbnails will take you to the orginal website images.

Bristol's arms

Bristol's arms

Bristol's arms Bristol General Hospital

Bristol's arms South Bristol Swimming Pool

Bristol's arms S.S. Great Britain

Bristol's arms Stock Exchange

Bristol arms Arms that were once painted on Bristol buses

Bristol script The Script that was once painted on Bristol buses

City of Bristol's arms The arms in leather


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Wax Seals

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