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New England (3)

sluice gates

The sluice gates

Fish ladder

Fish ladder

When the river was dammed to create the mill pond the local River Herring could no longer get back to their spawning ground so these fish ladders were installed in the mill races.

old mill stones

Old mill stones used as steps

A rustic bench

A rustic bench

Stuart museum grounds

A last look at the Gilbert Stuart Museum grounds

That evening we arrived in Bristol, Rhode Island. This is a very pretty town of 23,000 people.

Bristol, Rhode Island

Bristol, Rhode Island

The very first thing I noticed was that the main road through the town, instead of having a plain yellow or white dividing line is painted red, white and blue. Very unusual, distinctive and very eye-catching...

road markings

Road markings in Bristol, RI.

Turning into a side street near the waterfront we happened to park outside Bristol Yarn Corporation in Thames Street which was formed in 1949. I'm not sure if the factory is still active but it looks a little run down.

Bristol Yarn Corporation water tower

Bristol Yarn Corporation, RI

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