Paris 2008

Paris 2008 (12)

More photos from the Louvre...

St. Peter Martyr and a kneeling donor

St. Peter the Martyr and a Kneeling Donor by Ambrogio Borgognone

St. Peter the Martyr and a Kneeling Donor

A man with an axe in his head

Venus de Milo

Venus de Milo

The Aphrodite of Milos, better known as the Venus de Milo, is one of the most famous works of ancient Greek sculpture. Created at some time between 130 and 100 BC, it is believed to depict Aphrodite (called Venus by the Romans), the Greek goddess of love and beauty. It is a marble sculpture, slightly larger than life size at 203 cm (6.7 ft) high. Its arms and original plinth have been lost.

Diana of Versailles

Diana of Versailles

Diana of Versailles (Detail)

Is this some ancient Greek cell phone or TV remote control?

A  last look at the Louvre

A last look at the Louvre through the glass pyramid

Paris Metro

Concorde metro station
The tiles spell out the "Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen"
The Paris metro is a great way to get around.

Indiana restaurant

Indiana restaurant
There are three of these Indiana restaurants in Paris
We didn't eat there but I suppose the nearest equivalent would be the Hard Rock Cafe

I took Patty down to the Catacombs. She had no idea what she was going to see when I said we should visit the catacombs and she had no idea when we got to the entrance that said l’Ossuaire Municipal...

Patty in the Catacombs

Patty in the Catacombs
We're about 60ft. underground
Still no clue...

The catacombs were originally stone quarries. Les Catacombes de Paris started out when the Romans started to quarry the limestone in the area around 60 B.C. Starting about 1100 A.D. the tunnels were expanded and the mines spread until there are now around 200 miles of tunnels under the city.

One day a group of miners were killed in an accident and their fellow workers later carved a relief of the part of the city, Quartier de Cazerne, they were from into the rock

The Paris Catacombs

A tribute to fallen friends

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