Russia 1981

Russia 1981 (17)

More photos from around Alma-Ata...

We spent a quiet day wandering around some museums...

Alma-Ata artifact

I have not idea what this is, but it looked good
It was in the Museum of Ancient Art
"Bloody tourists"

Alma-Ata Circus Stadium

Alma-Ata Circus Stadium seen across the pond of the Museum of Ancient Art
We came back and saw the Moscow State Circus here later in the evening

Grounds of the Museum of Ancient Art

Grounds of the Museum of Ancient Art

Panifilov Park

Panifilov Park

The park is named after the Panifilov Infantry Division. in 1942, during World War II, 28 men from the division defended the road to Moscow from "an avalanche of tanks". Every tank was destroyed but all 28 men were killed in the battle. The monument is guarded by members of the Young Pioneers.

Panifilov Park

Panifilov Park

The victory trumpet signifies the end of the war

Also in the park is the Zenkov Cathedral...

Zenkov Cathedral - Alma-Ata

Designed by Zenkov in 1904, Zenkov Cathedral is built entirely of wood and no nails were used in its construction. It is one of the few buildings in Alma-Ata that escaped unscathed during WWII and the 10 scale earthquake in 1911. When we visited it in 1981 it was a museum but was restored as a Russian Orthodox Church in 1995.

Zenkov Cathedral

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