Russia 1981

Russia 1981 (23)

More photos from around Tamerlanovka on the Arys River...

Me dancing at Tamerlanovka

Me dancing at Tamerlanovka
Such style, such grace

sunset at Tamerlanovka

Sunset at Tamerlanovka

This really has been a good day and I enjoyed it immensely. Many of the group now have very upset stomachs, mine seems to be holding up quite well so far - it's certainly not normal but not bad enough to make me feel miserable. We got back to the Voskhod Hotel at Chimkent around 10:15pm.

We had to pack most of our stuff because we're leaving tomorrow for Moscow then a train trip to Leningrad. I wondered why my suitcase shut so easily. I was congratulating myself on actually packing it properly and not having to stand on it to get it closed when I realized I'd left most of clothes out.

I like sleeping with my bedroom window open but came a bit unstuck this evening. I was sat on my bed reading a little and looked up and noticed the room was full of weird insects. After finding a few in my bed I decided to spend the night on the sofa in the sitting room.

Wednesday, 5th August 1981

Woke up around 7:30am and had a quick look into my bedroom. All the insects seem to have disappeared. Breakfast was sausage and egg with tea. The sausages were great but the eggs weren't cooked properly so left those. Russians seem to like half raw eggs, or at least perhaps that's how they think we westerners like to eat them. After breakfast back on the coach for a little tour of Chimkent.

Chimkent was founded in the 11th century on the Silk Road that linked the Middle East and China.

Monument to the Aviator Hereos of the Soviet Union

Monument to the Aviator Heroes of the Soviet Union, Chimkent

Monument to the Aviator Hereos of the Soviet Union, Chimkent

Chimkent Park

One of the many statues in one of the many parks in Chimkent
Unfortunately, I cannot remember who this one was

After the little tour we were taken to kindergarten...

Kindergarten, Chimkent

Kindergarten, Chimkent

Kindergarten, Chimkent

The children performed some national dances from different parts of the the Soviet Union. After this they gave us flowers and postcards, it was very touching. They also fed us here, lots of fruit, sweet bread, melon, grapes and apple juice. The headmistress took a shine to me but thought I was too skinny. Every time I emptied my plate she filled it back up again. I must have had about three times as much to eat as everyone else.

After the kindergarten we were taken back to the hotel for lunch. It was pretty good, garlic mutton, chicken and pasta soup, steak and potatoes followed by Russian tea.

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