Russia 1981

Russia 1981 (3)

More photos from the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy or BAHX-VDNKh

BAHX-VDNKh: Stone Flower Fountain

Stone Flower Fountain
Based on Ural fairy tales by Pavel Bazhov, the architect was K. Topuridze and the sculptor P. Dobrynin

BAHX-VDNKh: The Space Pavilion

The Space Pavilion
Sputnik is top centre. It was the world's first artificial satellite when it was launched on October 4th, 1957


I've forgotten the name of this satellite

BAHX-VDNKh: Molniya Satellite

Molniya [Lightning] Satellite
Communications satellites first launched in 1964

BAHX-VDNKh: Meteop Satellite

Meteop [Meteor] 2 Satellite
A series of meteorological satellites operational in 1982

BAHX-VDNKh: Lunokhod

Lunokhod [Moon Walker]
Moon rovers operational in the 1970s


Luna - Soviet moon lander
Operational in the 1970s
Only the topmost, brown sphere returned to earth

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