Western States Holiday 1995

Western States (12)

San Francisco

On the road to San Francisco

San Fransiisco - Alcatraz

We arrived at the ferry point 5 minutes after the last ferry had left, so this was the closest we got to the island

San Francisco - golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge
We spent ages in the area - the bridge is really impressive

San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge

Mike at the Golden Gate Bridge



Whilst in San Francisco we parked the car up and started walking around. Unfortunately, we both forgot where we parked it and spent hours wandering around trying to find it again. We found it and drove off. We found a nice quiet area to park it in for the night but someone ran their car into it. Luckily they did no real damage but did pull the license plate off.

Mike repairing LeBaron

Mike putting the license plate back on

LeBaron and all the crap on the floor

the car's floor looked like this from the first day we picked it up.
A motley collection of guide books, snacks, CDs and assorted junk.


Mike posing in the LeBaron
I was a very good looking car


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