Western States Holiday 1995

Western States (13)

Our holiday nearly over, it was time leave San Francisco and head back towards Los Angeles...

Los Angeles sandstorm

A sandstorm on the way back into Los Angeles


We spent several nights in the car on this trip rather than pay for a motel
Here we are on some land between the highway and a chemical plant - lovely


We had a few hours before the car had to go back and we had to head for LAX and the trip home so we headed for the first place we went to when we arrived - Los Angeles six flags magic mountain.


Repacking our clothes for the trip back home in the car park

Magic Mountain

Our last view of Los Angels six flags magic mountain

That was it our fantastic holiday was over. We'd traveled over 4,000 miles, met a load of great people and seen some fantastic sights.

Here's a map of the places we visited.

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