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Bristol House Repair - Redecoration (2)

Back Kitchen

The back kithen, although a good size for a kitchen was pretty basic and I never did get around to doing much with it.

The back kitchen

The back kitchen - Febraury 1996
This picture shows the doorway to the back passage that led to the tiny toilet and a back door.

The back kitchen

The back kitchen also contained another boarded up fireplace. This one had the plaster mantle still intact.

The back kitchen

The fireplace behind the board - March 1996

The back kitchen

The cleaned and repainted fireplace - May 5th, 1996

The back kitchen The back kitchen

Being seldom used and with a hard floor the back kitchen made an ideal storage / workroom whilst the rest of the house was being redecorated.
Notice the new electrical sockets in the photo on the left - June 28th, 1996

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