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Terre Haute House Repair - Games Room (1)

I call it the "Games Room" because Patty and her husband at the time installed a full sized billiard table a week after they moved into the house in 1983. The table has a cover on it so it can also be used for table tennis. The room was built as an extension to the house, probably in the 1970's, on a concrete float. It's a big room, being 27 by 17 feet. One of the longer sides is based on the outside brick wall of the original house. This is the room that we first found our termite damage in April 2009.

The entire room had knotty pine cladding. This was good quality and it was a pity that it all had to be ripped out - even though Patty said she was tired of it.

Knotty Pine Cladding

This picture shows part of Patty's Christmas Village with the original knotty pine cladding

Game Room Sans Cladding - 17th May 2009

Game room sans cladding

The north wall.

The north wall studwork suffered the most from the termites and both the bottom and top plates were damaged as well as the vertical studs we were worried that the entire wall might have to come down and be replaced. Our friendly builder came up with a good idea though. As the termites were no longer active we could add a second set of studwork inside of the first.

Game room sans cladding

The west wall

This is the wall that used the original outside of the house as a base. The timbers to the left of the picture - the ones with the ladder against them - were where the termites first swarmed from.

Game room sans cladding

The southwest corner

New Studwork - 24th May 2009

New Studwork New Studwork New Studwork

The above images show the new studwork that was put in to either replace or strengthen the termite damaged studs. notice we now have two rows of studwork on our west wall - the one with the the back door. In the last image, the hole in the ceiling is where we asked the builder to take a look in the roof space to make sure that the termites hadn't eaten the ceiling beams - luckily they hadn't. I'm pretty pleased with the way that we mananged to think ahead a little and bought things like the new back door a little ahead of time so the guys who were doing the major amount of work for us wouldn't be hanging around waiting for us to make our minds up about what we wanted doing.

When the new studs were up I was able to do things like new light switches, add more electrical sockets and run television coax cable through the walls.

New electrical sockets

New electrical sockets

New Walls - 29th May 2009

Before we knew it the insulation was in and new drywall was up...

New Walls New Walls New Walls New Walls

New Walls - 6th June 2009

The taping and mudding of the drywall is complete...

New Walls

New Walls - 8th June 2009

The undercoating is complete...

New Walls New Walls New Walls New Walls New Walls

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