Bristol, New York

There are two towns named Bristol in the state of New York. Bristol (Population (2000) - 2,421) and South Bristol (Population (2000) - 1,645) are just 9.5 miles from each other.

There were an interesting couple of posts in the forum, now gone, on the Town of Bristol website in December 2001 concerning the origin of Bristol, Ontario County, New York. The posts said that "Most of the Pioneers who were in Bristol County, Massachusetts before coming to Bristol, NY were Pilgrims who came of the "Mayflower" from Holland. They could not go to England for fear of being arrested and killed. Before going to Holland lived in many towns and villages in England in the early 1500's." and "Bristol, Ontario County, NY, USA was named for Bristol County, Mass, USA where most of the pioneers to Bristol, NY originated." However with other county names such as Plymouth and Barnstaple in Massachusetts and the county seat of Bristol County being Taunton, all British West Country names, it's probable that Bristol, Ontario County, New York was indirectly named after Bristol, England.

Bristol, New York

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South Bristol, New York

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