Other vision related sites

Other Vision Related Sites


Escher, M. C.
Magritte Rene


Puzzling Place - Keswick, UK


9News report - Photographer stands by his work - WTC
About the Face on Mars
Anomalous Images of Mars
Astronomy Picture of the Day - 6th April 1998 - The face on Mars
Connection - The face on Mars
Detroit News report - Angel Or Devil? Viewers See Images In Smoke - WTC
Eyewitness Report - Virgin Mary, Clearwater, Florida
Eagle Nebula - NASA's Hubble site
Eagle Nebula - Chris Mastrangelo's Home Page
Eagle Nebula - Bad Astronomy
Face on Mars
Face on Mars and other Familiar Features
Faces at Alum Cove
Faces in the Rocks - Delaware Water Gap
Faces in WTC images
Geirangerfjorden - Michal Kaut's Norwegian Holiday
Girl in the Mountain - Cerros de Escaz? San Jos? Costa Rica
Happy Face Crater on the Moon
High brow rock face
Hooded Man - Don Baccus Photography
Indian Heads and other Humanoid Rocks
Man in the Moon and other Weird Things
Mars Face Breaks Under Questioning
Mars Global Surveyor - The face on Mars
Millenium and Apocalypse - The face on Mars
Moon Hoax by Sir John Herschel
Moon Illusions
Mother Mary in Web Page
Mysteries - Faces & Crosses - WTC
News report - 18th July 2002 - Virgin Mary, Ferraz Vasconcelos, Brazil
News report - 22nd July 2002 - Virgin Mary, Ferraz Vasconcelos, Brazil
News report - 23rd July 2002 - Virgin Mary, Ferraz Vasconcelos, Brazil
NSSDC Photo Gallery - The face on Mars
Old Man - GORP
Old Man - New Hampshire White Mountain region
Pacific Crest Trail
Photo Gallery - Virgin Mary, Clearwater, Florida
Pointed Nose - Joe Hoover Photography
Skeptics Dictionary - Our Lady of Watsonville
Sleepy Head - Canadian Arctic
Stonehenge designer? - BBC article
Stonehenge designer? - Crystalinks
Stonehenge designer? - Jedi Girl
Tampa Bay Skeptics - Virgin Mary, Clearwater, Florida
Universe in the Classroom - The face on Mars
Unmasking the Face on Mars
Urban Legends - The face of the Devil - WTC
Woman in the Moon
World Trade Center Smoke Faces
Zeitun - Mary on TV - Virgin Mary, Zeitun, Egypt

Optical illusions

Amazing Art
Art& Illusions - A nice collection of illusions
Checker Shadow Illusion
Der Neandertaler Regiert - A German language site but some very interesting stuff here
Illusioni Ottiche - An Italian language site but very good
Impossible World
Lecture Notes - Southern Arkansas University - Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Lightness Illusions
Nyikos - A Hungarian language site, some good pictures here
Perceptual Science Group - MIT
Planet Perplex
Ryanbut - One of the first optical illusion sites I found on the Internet
Vision & Art
Web Illusion


Depth Perception in Vision - Clarkson University
Gender Differences in Illusion Response - It seems your sex determines how to relate to some optical illusions
Lightness Perception and Lightness Illusions
Neuroscientists locate area of brain responsible for 3-D vision - Caltech Press Release
Lecture Notes - Southern Arkansas University - Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Perception - Journal of Perception
Perceptual Science Group - MIT
Richard L. Gregory
Vision & Art
Web Vision


3D & SIRDS - includes ASCII Stereograms
Hierarchy of Stereograms
Sunny Spot - SIRDS and SIRTS

Trompe L'oeil

Most of these are commercial artists, but show examples of their excellent work

Eric Cumini
Ron Francis
Richard Haas
Paul Montgomery
John Pugh
Janet Shearer
Mary Sue Weeks
Paul Wright


Age-Appropriate Vision Milestones - Lucile Packard Children?s Hospital, Growth and Development
Lecture Notes - Southern Arkansas University - Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Mapping Vision - On the Brain, the Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute Letter
Optometrists Network
Vision - How Stuff Works
Vision Development - Children's Vision Information Network

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