Terre Haute Postcards

Terre Haute Postcards

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Joe's Liquor Store Joe's Liquor Store

Joe's Liquor Store

This matchbbok advertises Joe's Liquor Store which stood at 1912 Locust Street.

Joseph's Outfitters, Terre Haute Joseph's Outfitters, Terre Haute

Joseph's Outfitters Matchbook

This matchbbok advertises Joseph's Complete Ourfitters which was located at 636 Wabash Avenue. In 1904, Leopold Joseph and his brother took over their family clothing store, Joseph's, and continued the business for another 36 years. Leopold Joseph was president of Temple Israel from 1914 to 1922.

Coffee & Spice Mills

Joseph Strong & Co. - Coffee & Spice Mills

This postcard, stamped in Terre Haute on November 4th, 1884, was posted to

Citizens National Bank

The text says...

Office of Joseph Strong,
Terre Haute Coffee and Spice Mills
Terre Haute, Ind. Nov 4, 1884
Dear Sir,
Your favor of the 3rd received,
containing dft for $18.60/100 Same has
been placed to your credit for EGL Doyle
Yours with thanks
Joseph Strong
per ?

Joseph Strong was a pioneer of the coffee and spice industry in Terre Haute. His company, Joseph Strong & Co., was established in 1870 and was the area’s leader in the production and distribution of premium roasted coffees and spices for much of the last three decades of the 19th century. By 1887, Strong had erected a three-story coffee and spice mill facility at the northwest corner of Sixth and Ohio streets. The new mill building housed four large coffee roasters powered by an impressive 50-horsepower steam engine (one of the largest employed for this purpose in the state at that time).

Despite the popularity of the firm’s robust mixes of Java and Mocha coffee varieties and the public’s high regard for its various spices and extracts, Joseph Strong & Co. saw its success eclipsed by a more established and resourceful competitor. H. Hulman & Co.’s entry into the roasted coffee and spice business during the late 1870s signaled the beginning of the end for Strong & Co.’s reign as the area’s premier coffee and spice producer.

By 1893, H. Hulman & Co. had constructed an enormous five-story coffee and spice mill just north of the company’s new facility on the northeast corner of Ninth Street and Wabash Avenue. The relatively smaller and outmoded operation managed by Strong had little choice but to accept its second-place status. Despite being overshadowed by the colossal H. Hulman and Co., Strong’s coffee and spice mills managed to maintain a high level of commercial success well into the 1910s. Strong & Co.’s success can be attributed, in part, to the quality of its products and the tenacity of its advertising and sales efforts.

Source: Historical Treasure: Joseph Strong & Co. used to lead Wabash Valley in premium coffee production

Kaybee Store

Kaybee Store

This postcard / tradecard was stamped in Terre Haute on August 20th, 1934

Kehoe Preserving Company, Terre Haute

Kehoe Preserving Company

This is not a postcard but a stamped return envelope. I do not know much about this company at all except that the following advertisement appeared in the November 1921 issue of American Cookery...

No SALAD is quite so PERFECT
as when served with ROSE APPLES

Six hundred leading hotels, from Bangor to Los Angeles, are using them.

A new sweet pepper used as salad cups, garnishes, etc.?beautiful red?rich, nutty flavor?crisp?tender?melting?juicy.

If not on sale in your Fancy Grocery we will deliver, charges prepaid, east of Denver, a case of six full quarts for $3.90. Each quart will serve 13 to 16 people.

Try them at your next dinner. Your guests will rave. The first expression is: "The lovely things, what are they?" Then at the first taste: "How delicious; where can I get them?"

If dissatisfied after using one quart, return the remainder at our expense and we will return all money paid.

A new book of SALADS in every case, or sent free on request, with the name of your retail Fancy Grocer.


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