Terre Haute Postcards

Terre Haute Postcards

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Office and Salesroom of Levin Brothers

Office and Salesroom of Levin Brothers

This unused postcard has the text...

Levin Bros.
Acmegraph Co., Chicago trademark logo

This building was built by the Terre Haute Savings Bank in 1911 on the corner of Sixth and Ohio Streets. Levin Brothers, a wholeesale dry goods company, and publisher of many of the postcards on these pages, occupied the top five floors of the building until they stopped tading in 1968. The Levin Brothers were Meyer, Morris, Isaac and Max.

The building is still occupied by the Terre Haute Savings Bank as their main offices but has changed - the top five floors were demolished in 1972.

Liberty Theatre, Terre Haute

Liberty Theatre

This unused postcard has the text...

The largest main street theatre in Terre Haute, Ind.
Appraised with equipment, at $250,000.00
The Liberty Theatre, Main Street, Terre Haute, Indiana
Consolidated Reality and Theatres Corporation
This theatre is located on busiest street at busy corner, in one of the best towns in Indiana

The Liberty was a vaudeville and movie house situated on the site of the old Varieties Theatre on the southwest corner of Eighth Street and Wabash Avenue. The Liberty later became the Grand Theatre and later still housed the presses of the Tribune - Star newspaper, the offices of which were next door.

Matchbook by Lock, Stock and Barrel, Terre Haute

Matchbook by Lock, Stock and Barrel

This is a matchbook cover not a postcard and has the text...

(812) 232-1861
Lock Stock and Barrel
Guns - Gunsmithing
Live Bait & Tackle
Power Lawn Mower
Sales & Service
1309 N. 19th St.
Terre Haute, Indiana

Lyon's Dairy Milk Bottle Top

Lyon's Dairy Milk Bottle Top

This is a milk bottle top from Lyon's Dairy. The dairy was actually located closer to Brazil, Indiana than Terre Haute.

Malooley's Saratoga Restaurant, Terre Haute

Malooley's Saratoga Restaurant

This unused postcard has the text...

Malooley's Saratoga Restaurant
Breakfast - Lunches - Dinners
Cocktail Lounge
5th & Wabash - Near ISU campus
Call Reservations 234-9950

Published by F. R. Ryan Co., P.O. Box 5084, Terre Haute, Ind. 47805

Earl M. Mann

Earl M. Mann Election Campaign Matchbook

This matchbook was produced for the mayoral election campaign of Earl M. Mann. Unfortunately, I can't find anything about Earl.

Maple Lodge Maple Lodge

Maple Lodge

A matchbook advertising Maple Lodge Motel which was on U.S. 41, about 6 miles south of Terre Haute and was run by Bob and Elinor Armacost

Markle House, Terre Haute

Markle House

This linen faced, unused postcard has the text...

Photo by Floyd Mitchell
Pub. by Floyd Mitchell, Bridgeton, Indiana, 47836

Vigo County, Indiana
Markle House , built in 1848 by Frederick Markle. He was the sone of Major Abraham Markle, original proprietor of Terre Haute in 1816, and builder of Markle Mill, first in area. The house was a stop on the Underground Railroad, also stage coach stop. Now owned and operated by the Vigo County historical Society, Inc. The house was a gift of the late Tony Hulman, local philanthropist.

R. A. Mason Company, Terre Haute

R. A. Mason Company

This unused postcard has the text...

R. A. Mason Company
Radiator Cabinets & Shields
Box 393 Terre Haute Ind. - Box 754 Columbus O.
Harrison 1461 Garfield 7076

Picto Cards - Kaeser & Blair, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio

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