Terre Haute Postcards

Terre Haute Postcards

More postcards from my collection...

W. S. Rea School, Terre Haute

W. S. Rea School

This postcard, stamped in Terre Haute on 5th July, 1910, has the printed text...

Made in Germany
Published by Bundy, Terre Haute, Ind.

Notice the text on the front of the card that says "The W. S. Ray [sic] School, Terre Haute, Ind." I have another copy of this postcard that was posted in Terre Haute on July 18th, 1912.

W. S. Rea School

W. S. Rea School

This unused postcard has the printed text...

The Model
UNCO registered trademark logo

Notice the text on the front of the card that says "The U. [sic] S. Rae School, Terre Haute, Ind."

Located at 1320 North Fourth Street - the northwest corner of Fourth Avenue and Fourth Street - and named after William S. Rea this school was built in 1906 to replace a much an older school that was house in a three-roomed house. The W. S. Rea School was closed in 1979 and demolished in June 1980. The school was replaced with Ouabache Elementary further north, on Maple Avenue.

Dan Reibold Tradecard

It's difficult to make out the stamp on the back of this tradecard, but a little research came up with the name Dan Reibold...

Dan Reibold
Manufacturer and Dealer
Boots and Shoes
No. 300. Cor. 3d & Main St.,
Terre Haute, Ind.

Dan Reibold Tradecard

Dan Reibold Tradecard

Dan Reibold Tradecard

Dan Reibold sold ladies and gents shoes from premises at 300 Main Street, which was on the corner of Main (Wabash) and Third Streets.

Riddell National Bank, Terre Haute

Riddell National Bank

This oversized postcard which was sent to advertise the opening of this branch of the Riddell National Bank in June 2008, has the printed text...

Join us on Friday, June 27, as we celebrate the
opening of our new Sycamore Terrace branch
at South State Road 46 near Super Wal-Mart.
Register to win a gas grill, a $500 savings
bond or one of three coin sets. Refreshments
and door prizes will also be available.

No purchase is necessary to win-
and ou may even get a cookie!

Making friends since 1885.

The Indiana Historical Society website has an article on the Riddell National Bank.

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