Terre Haute Postcards - Wiley High School (2)

Terre Haute Postcards - Wiley High School (2)

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Gymnasium and Wiley High School, Terre Haute

Gymnasium and Wiley High School

This unused postcard has the printed text...

The oldest high school in the city, the main
building was erected in 1885. The school was
named for William H. Wiley, who served as
Superintendent of City Schools from 1870 to

Pub. by Levin Brothers, Terre Haute, Ind.
Natural color Post Card
Made in U. S. A. by E. C. Kropp Co., Milwaukee, Wis. - (FKF)
E. C. Kropp C0. stamp trade mark

I have another copy of this postcard that was stamped in Clinton, Indiana on March 2nd, 1943.

I have another unused copy of the card that does not have the blurb about the school and just has the printed text...

Pub. by Levin Brothers, Terre Haute, Ind.

High School classes were held at the Indiana State Normal School then moved to the new High School that was built on the corner of Seventh and Walnut Streets in 1886. The name was changed to Wiley High School to honour William H. Wiley, the superintendent of City Schools, in 1906. Some of the same photographs were used on postcards for both the High School and Wiley High School - but with different captions. The last students graduated in June, 1971, when South Vigo High School opened.

Students used to practice basketball in the attic of the High School until the gymnasium was built in 1923. The gym was home to the Wiley Red Streaks until South Vigo High School opened in 1971. The buildings were demolished for Vigo County Public library which opened in 1979.

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