Terre Haute Postcards

Terre Haute Postcards

More postcards from my collection...

Central Union Telephone Building, Terre Haute

Central Union Telephone Building

This postcard, stamped in Terre Haute on June 28th, 1907, has the printed text...

Pub. by Bundy, Terre Haute, Ind.

This building was located at 665 Ohio Street.

Chrysler - Plymouth Dealership

Chrysler - Plymouth Dealership

This postcard, stamped in Terre Haute on December 12th, 1963, has the printed text...

64 Valiant Signet 200 2-Door Hardtop
Valiant '64 Best All Around Compact

This is an advertising postcard and has the written message...

We are overstocked on new
and used cars that must
be sold immediately. See
me now for a good deal.

Joe Craft
300 N. 8th

Terre Haute Chrysler - Plymouth, Inc.
Litho in U.S.A.

Circle Drive Motel, Terre Haute

Circle Drive Motel

This postcard, stamped in Terre Haute on September 20th, 1962, has the following printed text...

Circle Drive Motel
On U.S. 41 and 150
2 1/2 miles South of City
Hot Water Heat - Air-Conditioned - Tile Bathrooms
Tub and Shower - T.V. in All Rooms
Restaurant Near
RR #259. 5101 South 7th, Terre Haute, Indiana

22 560F
MWM Color "Barsheen" ? Finished, Made Only by MWM Co. Aurora, Mo.

This unused postcard has the hand-written date of 1908. The AZO stamp box logo gives the date of the postcard as being between 1904 and 1918.

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