Terre Haute Postcards

Terre Haute Postcards

More postcards from my collection...

Congregational Church

Congregational Church, West Terre Haute, Ind.

This postcard, posted in West Terre Haute on October 18th, 1918, has the text...

Published by H. G. Zimmerman & Co. Chicago
Zimmerman trademark logo

Dr. Frederick Cook Dr. Frederick Cook

Dr. Frederick Cook

This postcard (on left) was stamped in Terre Haute on September 6th, 1909 (the same date the photograph was taken), has the printed text...

Dr. FredK Cook
at Union Station, Terre Haute,
Sep. '09
Photographed by Merriam

When I saw this postcard on Ebay I thought it said Dr. Fred K. Cook, but bought it anyway as it was taken in Terre Haute. It was only after the postcard arrived and I looked at it properly that I realized it wasn't Dr. Fred K. Cook but Dr. Frederick Cook of polar exploration fame. The second photograph came from Wikipedia and I used it to ensure that this really was Cook. There is some controversy over whether he, Robert Peary or indeed, either reached the North Pole but Cook reportedly reached it on April 22, 1908.

Terre Haute Country Club

Country Club, Terre Haute, Ind.

This unused postcard has no other text. I have another copy of this postcard that has been stamped...

American Red Cross
Terre Haute Canteen

I have another copy of this postcard, without the American Red Cross stamp that was posted on September 30th, 1921.

Country Club, Terre Haute Country Club, Terre Haute

Country Club, Terre Haute, Ind.

This matchbook advertises the Country Club of Terre Haute. It was produced by Weimuth and Son, Terre Haute. Weimuth and Son were established in 1952 and specialized in tobacco and tobacco products. They are still in oepration as wholesalers at 1500 Wabash Avenue and now deal in tobacco products, candy, groceries, health and beauty products as well as paper and plastic products.

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