A Trip down The Wabash in Old Postcards

A Trip down The Wabash in Old Postcards


These pages started because of my interest in collecting postcards of my adopted home of Terre Haute. During the course of collecting the postcards I came across several of places along the Wabash River. Early in 2009 I thought it might be interesting to start collecting images of the length of The Wabash. I forgot about the idea for a while, but in July 2009 decided to resurrect it. These pages are the result.

The Wabash

The Wabash river rises in Grand Lake, western Ohio and moves roughly westward passing through Huntington, Wabash, Logansport, and Lafayette before following a more southerly route to Terre Haute. Just south of Terre Haute it forms the boundary between Indiana and Illinois before draining into the Ohio River at Mount Vernon - around 475 miles from it's source.


There are many sites with lots of information about the Wabash. Here's a selection of them...

Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Wabash River Heritage Corridor Commission
Wabash River in Indiana

Wabash River Postcard Index

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