The Floods of 1913


Postcards of the Tornadoes and Floods of March 1913 - Hamilton, Ohio (2)

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Junction of Central Avenue and C. H. & D. Crossing in South Hamilton

Junction of Central Avenue and C. H. & D. Crossing in South Hamilton
Ruins of the Columbia Carriage Company
Hamilton, Ohio - March 25th, 1913

This unused postcard has no other printed text. The C. H. & D. refers to the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railway. The Columbia Carriage Company was formed in 1890 and in its first year made 1,683 carriages. Eight years later, in 1898, its annual output reached 13,000. In 1909, the company went into automobile production with with the 25mph Hamilton. Its factory was on the east side of Central Avenue, opposite the present eastern end of Knightsbridge Drive. Before it was leased by Columbia, the building at 1316 Central Avenue had been the Hamilton Distilling Company. Later, the complex housed a can company and later still the Leshner Corporation.

Rush of water over high Street Bridge, Hamilton, Ohio

Terrific Rush of water over High Street Bridge, Hamilton, Ohio

This postcard, posted in Det. & Cin. on November 11th, 1913 has the printed text...

Kraemer Art, Cincinnati trademark logo

This bridge collapsed into the river at 12.28pm on Tuesday, 25th March, 1913 - probably shortly after this photograph was taken.

Although they look similar, I'm not sure if the High or Main Street Bridge are the same as the Great Bridge.

YMCA playgrounds, Hamilton, Ohio

YMCA playgrounds, Hamilton, Ohio

This postcard, posted in Hamilton on April 23rd, 1913 the printed text...

The Feicke Desch Printing Co., Cin'ti., O.

In March 2012, I got an email from Kathy Kennedy who lives in Florida. Kathy wrote that her mother, who was just 12 at the time, lived in Hamilton and survived the flood along with 26 others in the third story attic of their home.

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