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If you arrived at this page from one of the webring systems then welcome to my site. This page contains all the webring links that my site is a part of and links to the various pages on my site that you may be interested in.

Once you have viewed the pages you want and want to rejoin the webring system and view other sites then simply click on the "Web Rings" link in the menu or the one in the footer of the newer pages which will return you to this page.

Getting Around

Webrings were a great way of finding sites linked by subject. For the individual site owners they increase the site visibility and for users they made it far easier to find related sites. There were several major webring systems, RingSurf, Bravenet's SiteRing (Internet Archive), WebRing (Internet Archive), WebRingo, and RingLink (now WOW Webring (Web Ring World) among them.

If you arrived on this page using one of the web ring navigation bars then these are the main links to the various parts of my site that you need...

Collections related Webrings - Magi-cartridge Projectors. Also see Postcard Webrings

Computers & Scripting related Webrings - Computers, Google Visualizations API, QBasic, or Web Stuff

Genealogy, History, Towns and Cities & Travel Webrings - 1913 Floods, Bristol, Bristols Worldwide or Terre Haute

Indiana Webrings - Terre Haute

Military Webrings - Dad's Navy Days, War Stories or WWI K & M Class Submarines

Naval Webrings - Dad's Navy Days or WWI K & M Class Submarines

Optical Illusions

Postcard Webrings - Generic Information, 1913 Floods, Bizarre, Limestone Quarries, Bristol UK Postcards, Terre Haute Postcards, Wabash River Postcards

Renaissance and UK Webrings - Bristol

Or, you can visit any section you like by using the navigation menus, using the main Sitemap which lists every page on the site or by visiting the home page.

The Webrings

With the death of webrings starting around 2005, this page is just a shadow of its former self. I used to belong to around 30 web rings on various systems but the only one of those still having a live web page is RingSurf and most of the links on that are broken. To see what this page once looked like then it is archived on the Web Archive.

Sadly, the last of the webrings, European History and Postcard Collecting, stopped working in 2021. Both were powered by Ringsurf. The site is still there but when checked in December 2021, none of the links work.