Optical Illusions

Can you believe your eyes? (2)

Can you believe your eyes?

Well, can you?

Muller - Lyer Illusion

Muller-Lyer Illusion - are the long lines the same length?

corridor illusion

What about the two red lines in this image?


Look at the black centre of this image.
What happens to the grey area surrounding it ?


Look at the bulb for 30 seconds, then at the white area to the right.
The bulb will switch itself on!


Look at this image for 5 seconds, close your eyes and look at the white area

How many pinks ?

How many shades of pink are there in this picture ?
In fact there is only one!


What about this pair of lines?

track lines

And this pair of thick lines?
First noted by Mario Ponzo in 1913

Perspective distortion

Perspective Distortion
The further the figure gets from us the bigger he gets?

Necker cube

Necker Cube ~ 1832
Which face is nearer to you?

Ponzo Illusion

Ponzo Illusion
Which circle is bigger? or are they the same size?

Poggendorff Illusion

Poggendorff Illusion
Would the inclined line make a single straight line?

orbison variant

Orbison Variant
Are these true circles?

A Circle ?

Another Orbison variant - is this really a circle ?

Lipps variant A

Lipps Variant A
What is that diamond doing to that circle?

Lipps variant B

Lipps Variant B
What are the arcs doing to the circle?

Shades of grey

Are the shades of grey different or the same?

Which is larger?

Which of these two shapes is the larger?

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