Being a major seaport and point of departure for thousands of immigrants to the New World it's hardly surprising that there are plenty of communities named Bristol in America and Canada. Most, but not all, are named after Bristol, England.

Every time I did a search on the web for "Bristol" I would get millions of hits lots of these were companies but a lot were from places named Bristol in the USA. In 1999, when the section on Bristol, England was bring written, Google would return around 2 million results. In 2005, it returns nearly 27 million. I decided to take a break from the research for my history pages and investigate these other Bristols. I've always known there were places called Bristol in the US, but I thought there were about five of them, I managed to find 28 of them in North America and a few in other countries as well.

Bristols United is another site dedicated to Bristols around the world.

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