Sources & Resources


Postcard collecting, deltiology, is a very popular hobby, said to be the third-largest collecting hobby after stamp and coin/banknote collecting. This page is a collection of sites that I have found the most useful while persuing the hobby.

The Resources

Preserving Postcards

Bags Unlimited - Postcard supplies
BCW - Postcard supplies
First Aid for Postcards (Internet Archive)
Paper – What it’s up against article in History Matters, Volume 16 Number 1: February 2006 (Internet Archive)
Postcard Collecting Tips
Postcards: Navigating the Preservation Options (Internet Archive)
Preserving Treasures (Internet Archive)
Safe Collecting Supplies UK
Safe Collecting Supplies USA

Dating Postcards

A Brief Guide to Identifying and Dating Postcards in the US (Internet Archive)
Dating Dexter Press Postcards
Dating Frith's postcards to 1940
Dating Guide for Detroit Company Postcards
Frith Postcard Reference Number Dates (Internet Archive)
Greetings from the Smithsonian: A Postcard History
Guide to Dating Curt Teich Postcards (Internet Archive)
Guide to Dating Curt Teich Postcards
Guide to Dating Curt Teich Postcards
Guide to Dating Old Postcards (Internet Archive)
How To Date U.S. Postcards by Postage Amount
Miscellanea Deltiologia
Postcard & Greeting Card Museum
Postcard Dating Guide (Internet Archive)
Postcard History
Postmark Dated Curt-Teich Cards (Internet Archive)
Real Photo Postcard Stamp Boxes - How to Identify Real Photo Postcards
Raphael Tuck Postcard Database
Sussex Postcards
Tips for Determining When a U.S. Postcard was Published

Postcard Resources

A Short History of Picture Postcards in the United States
A to Zee Postcard Collecting Web Directory - clubs, collections, conventions and more
About Postcards
Chicago Postcard Museum
Collecting Vintage Postcards
Cows standing in a field - (Wikimedia) The same photo used for different locations
Generic Postcards - Explained and Illustrated (Internet Archive) Some nice articles by Bill Judnick
Girls Wanted - (Wikimedia) The same photo used for different locations
Greetings from the Smithsonian: A Postcard History - A good starting place. The postcard pages are short but very informative
List of Ellis Real Photo Postcards by Number and Caption
List of Known I & M Ottenheimer Postcards (Internet Archive)
Metro Postcard - (Internet Archive) A site full of information
Miscellanea Deltiologia - A British deltiology site by Chris Bond that is full of information
Playle's Deltiology - A great site, full of information
Postcard Peddler - An American deltiology site by Joelle Steele that is full of information
Postcardy (Internet Archive) - a great site of articles and links
Postcard Artists (Internet Archive)
Postcard Publishers (Internet Archive)
Publisher's logos on old postcards - A nice collection by David Schofield
Ross Verlag Movie Star Post Cards Checklist
Same Sky Postcards - Postcards using he same sky from James Brouwe's collection
The mystery of the "same sky" postcards - Postcards from Dexter Press using he same sky from James Brouwe's collection.
The Postcard Album - A great history of German postcard printers, publishers and postcards in general by Helmfried Luers
Undivided-back Postcards - A great collection of early postcards and information about them
Webfooters Post Card Club - Portland, Oregon Postcard Club
Wikimedia Postcards - Wikimedia has a whole section devoted to postcards. The WikiProject Postcards section is about the maintenance and improvement of the category

City & State Postcard Sites

Baltimore, Maryland (Internet Archive)
Eastern Iowa
Johnson City, Tennessee (Internet Archive)
Muskogee, Oklahoma
Vintage Views (Internet Archive) - Postcards of New York state, New York city, and Rochester, NY
New York, New York
New York, New York
Penny Postcards by State (Internet Archive)
Portland, Oregon

Non-card Postcards

A Look at Leather Postcards
Phonocards & Phonopost page
Postcard made of....
Postcard Novelties
Short-lived frenzy over leather postcards
Vinyl Postcards
Wooden Postcards (Internet Archive) - Part of the great Postcardy site

Postcard Resellers

Card Cow
Cherryland Postcards
Delcampe - A collection of resellers
ebay postcards
Hip Postcard - A collection of resellers
Jumping Frog
Ruby Lane - A collection of resellers
Tias - A collection of resellers