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Links to other sites :-

This page is of links to other sites that I have found on the net that are favourites of mine. The only criteria I have used is that they have either been useful or have amused me.

I hadn't originally planned on doing a links page. When I first published this site I registered it with six major search engines - five months later, only one (UK Plus) is showing this site properly. Of the others I can't find this site on four of them and the other - if I type in Optical Illusions I get sites about Fibre Optics before my pages on Optical Illusions. If I'm having this sort of trouble then I'm sure other people are. Also, most of these sites were either recommended to me, I found them by accident or I followed links from other pages to them. These are the reasons this page was written.

The net has become very commercialised. One of the most annoying things about this is the number of pop-up ads that are now appearing. Even worse are those pop-ups that contain no title bar or won't let you right click and close them. To me they are self defeating as I won't use those sites at all. I feel so strongly about this that sites that use them aren't listed here.

Why have so many sites now decided to use frames? True, they can look "cool" but they completely mess up the site navigation. I'll settle for content over flashiness any day. One of my hosts, Lycos UK, in June 2003, started putting an ad frame on the pages, it completely messed up my bookmarks. The ads are supplied by Google. Whilst trying to find something about frames and bookmarks I found this on a Google help page "Google supports frames to the extent that it can. Frames tend to cause problems with search engines, bookmarks, emailing links and so on, because frames don't fit the conceptual model of the web (every page corresponds to a single URL)." The same search engine (Google) also found this "frames held together with hemp twine tied and glued in square knots" - but that's really an entry for a craft site.

You'll notice that some of the links, on this page and others, have asterisks by them. I use Xenu's Link Sleuth to search the site for broken links. Sometimes a site may not be available for technical reasons, like the server being down, so rather than remove the link straight away I'll mark it with an asterisk. I'll try and find the site if it has moved, but if a site is unavailable on subsequent times I check it, then I'll remove the link.

I wrote the above during several updates to this page. In 1999, search engines were not what they are now and the original purpose of this page is now gone. Nowadays the page serves two main purposes: 1) A trip down memory lane for me and 2) so spammers can find me and say "Hey dumbass, you've got a broken link on a 20+ year old page, give me a bucket of money and I'll fix it for you."

Many of the original categories that were listed on this page can now just as easily be found in any search engine and have been removed. Other sites were so interesting, that even if they are now gone, if they are on the Internet Archive, I've put a link to them on that.

American Indian links

American Issues Index at First Nations
First Nations Histories
Native American Culture at Great Dreams
Native Languages of the Americas
Tribal Names at On This Date by Phil Konstantin


M. C. Escher - A list of sites about Escher and his work
Front Room - One of the most unusual galleries ever. Based in Totterdown, Bristol
Graphicatta - Tromp l'oeil artist
Richard Haas - Tromp l'oeil artist
J. D. Hillberry - Tromp l'oeil artist
Hop's Gallery - In the vein of Escher and other mathematical pictures
Alan King - Surreal artist (Internet Archive)
Paul Montgomery - Tromp l'oeil artist (Internet Archive)
John Pugh - Tromp l'oeil artist
Janet Shearer - Tromp l'oeil artist
Stuckism - I like these peoples outlook
Mary Sue Weeks - Tromp l'oeil artist (Internet Archive)


Astronomy Picture of the Day - Another great site, take a look at this photo of the Earth at Night
Hubble Space Telescope pictures
Solar Views
Voyager probes


Some of my favourite sites about the City of Bristol

@ Bristol - The @ Bristol entertainment centre (Internet Archive)
1330 - The story of a bus made at Bristol Commercial Vehicles in Brislington (Internet Archive)
1 in 8 - Community education site and much more (Internet Archive)
1st Take Video - Videos on local history
About Bristol - A pictorial tour of Bristol
Alternative Bristol - A hub to find out about events, groups and news about all things alternative and progressive happening in Bristol
Ambra Books - local antiquarian book seller
Andrew McArthy's Homepage - A lot of information about Bristol (Internet Archive)
Arnolt - A Bristol and Arnolt-Bristol car enthusiasts site. (Internet Archive)
Axbridge Caving Group - this site contains some nice articles and photos on Redcliffe Caves
Barb Drummond - A local author's website (Internet Archive)
Berkeley Family Genealogy
Bob Hariss's Homepage - this page contains a very good photo of a ship, the Scottish Lassie, at Hotwells
BoddyParts- Genealogy of several Bristol families. (Internet Archive)
Bradley Stoke - Community website
Bridging Europe - Information about the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the site also contains a video of the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows bridge.
Brislington Community Partnership
Brislington Conservation and History Society
Bristol Aero Collection - The story of aviation in Bristol (Internet Archive)
Bristol and Region Archaeological Services
Bristol Area Family Genealogy - Personal family genealogy sites covering the Bristol area. (Internet Archive)
Bristol & Avon Family History Society- A genealogy site
Bristol Astronomical Society
Bristol Books
Bristol Cars - One of the most exclusive marques in the world (Internet Archive)
Bristol Cathedral - A history and tour
Bristol Charities
Bristol China Partnership
Bristol Civic Society - Helping to shape our city
Bristol Commercial Directories
Bristol Commercial Vehicle Enthusiasts
Bristol Connect - A collection of business and hobby links to Bristol sites
Bristol Creatives - An artist-led networking and marketing initiative for visual and applied artists in the city.
Bristol Evening Post - Our local evening newspaper
Bristol Family History - Genealogy and History of one of England's Oldest Cities
Bristol Film and Video Society
Bristol Gaol Delivery Fiats - Homosexual offences in Bristol in the Eighteenth Century
Bristol Hashers - a drinking club with a running problem, social jogging for the unfit, slightly fit and nearly fit
Bristol Hebrew Congregation - has some interesting articles about the history of Jews in Bristol
Bristol Hospitals - These are the old hospitals
Bristol Index - A collection of business and hobby links to Bristol sites (Internet Archive)
Bristol Indymedia - Online alternative newspaper. This site was closed in 2014 but the archives are still available
Bristol Information - Aspects of Bristol History and Genealogy
Bristol in Roman Times - An excellent site about Roman Bristol. (Internet Archive)
Bristol Link - A collection of business and hobby links to Bristol sites (Internet Archive)
Bristol Mod Scooter Club
Bristol Online - A searchable collection of business and hobby links to Bristol sites
Bristol Past
Bristol Penny Post - Two letters from 1824
Bristol Radical History Group
Bristol Record Society
Bristol Society of Architects - The people who shape our city
Bristol Taxi Driver - Mike Maddock's home pages. (Internet Archive)
Bristol Threatened History Society - Helping to save and record our history (Internet Archive)
Bristol URBAN Programme - Community led regeneration (Internet Archive)
Bristol Views - Views and maps of Bristol
Bristol Wagon & Carriage Works - Bristol based early petrol engine manufacturers The Wagon Works never made steam engines but was a sales agent for them, possibly made by Brazil Straker. The former BW&CW workshop off Easton Rd where the petrol engines were built is now a real ale brewery - Towles Fine Ales. (Internet Archive)
Bristol Web Design - All sorts of interesting stuff, web site links, stories, pictures etc. made by this web design company and their clients (Internet Archive)
Bristol Zoo
Bristol's Lost Pubs - A wonderful site. (Internet Archive)
Bristols United - A site about Bristol and Bristols around the world (Internet Archive)
British Empire and Commonwealth Museum - The museum closed in 2009
Brunel 200 - A site celebrating the 200th anniversary Brunel's birth
BS8 Guide - Web links for West Bristol (Internet Archive)
Bygone Bristol - an independent, Bristol-based publisher of local interest titles (Internet Archive)
Chamber of Commerce
Chronological Outline of the History of Bristol - from a book published in 1824 (Internet Archive)
ChurchCrawler - Churches from around the world, with pages about those of Bristol
Civvy Street in WWII - Tom Fletcher's memories of wartime Bristol
Clifton Cathedral
Clifton Diocese - The Catholic Church in Bristol
Clifton and Hotwells Improvement Society
Clifton Online (Internet Archive)
Clifton Suspension Bridge - Our famous suspension bridge (Internet Archive)
Concorde - The world's first and only supersonic passenger aircraft
DistrictWeb - Warmley and surrounding districts community site - Pete's web site, nice photos of Bristol
Dundry Hill Group - A special interest group for this ridge that runs along the southern edge of Bristol. The group closed in 2005 (Internet Archive)
English and Welsh Lunatic Asylums and Mental Hospitals, including those around Bristol
England Trip - Dan Hyde's images of Bristol
English Heritage - images of Bristol
Eugene Byrne - Eugene was editor of the Bristol Evening Post's Bristol Times, and this is his blog.
Feminist Archive - National and International organisation to collect and preserve feminist material
Filton Airfield Enthusiasts
First Line - Bristol's bus service
Fishponds Local History Society - Another wonderful site about Bristol's history - Some nice photos of Bristol
Friends of Arno's Vale Cemetery - These people care for Arno's Vale
Frenchay Village Museum
Friends of Eastwood Farm
Friends of Nightingale Valley
Friends of Troopers Hill
Fripp & Pocock Family Trees
Front Room - One of the most unusual galleries ever. Based in Totterdown, Bristol
GENUKI - Genealogy resources for Bristol
George Mueller of Bristol - online text of Arthur Piersons' 1899 book
George Muller Foundation
Glenside Hospital Museum
Gloucestershire Volunteer Artillery - I used to be a member of this battery. The author, Derek Driscoll, is my ex-BSM (Battery Sergeant Major)
Greater Fishponds People - A community site
Guide to Urban Underground Bristol
Hartcliffe and Withywood Community Partnership
His Master's Voice - The story of Nipper
History 4 You - Bristol Historical Research & Temple Local History Group website
History of Bristol Castle - This is no longer a "live" site but the link takes you to the Internet Archive
History of Tar Distillation at Crews Hole
History of the Telephone Service in Bristol
Holy Trinity Church (W-O-T) - A history and guide to this ancient church
Images of England - English Heritage, National Monuments Record site
Industrial Schools - Lots of information about Bristol's Industrial Schools
Itchy Bristol - What's on in Bristol
Jack in the Green - Welcomes spring into the city
Jeff Knaggs Homepage - Family genealogy for Knaggs / Reece / Rundle, lots of references to Bristol
Jezza's Guide to Bristol - History and pictures of Bristol
Knowhere Guide to Bristol - Guides to various districts around Bristol
Lawmen - Bristol's Wild West show team
Lesley Aitchison - local antiquarian book seller
Living Easton - Community site and a history of Easton
Local Bristol & Family History - Dave Napier's site, lots of useful information
Malago Society - The local history group of south-west Bristol
Malago Valley Conservation Group
Martyn's Mix - A Bristolians site, some photos of Bristol
Mathematicians born in Bristol
Matthew of Bristol - The replica of Cabot's ship Matthew
Methodist Church - Bristol District : John Wesley's Chapel
Mines of the Bristol and Somerset Coalfield
National Express - Coach travel to and from Bristol
Net1000 - A collection of business and hobby links to Bristol sites
Newfoundland Heritage - The early voyages of discovery by Bristol sailors
The Old Vic & Theatre Royal
Open Directory Project - A collection of business and hobby links to Bristol sites
Past & Present Press - Local book publishers
Past & Present Publications - Local calendars and more
Peter Hodge's Genealogy Research - this page contains a very good photo of a wrecked ship, the Emigrant, in Avon Gorge
Pirate Walks - Blackbeard and lots about Bristol too!
Pooles Wharf Court - from a resident of what was once the Sand Wharf
PortCities: Bristol - The Slave Trade
Redcliffe Caves - Alan has been giving tours of the caves for 20 years.
Riots - Up to the Bristol Bridge riot of 1793
Rossbret Institutions - Bristol's Poor Institutions
St. Anne's Park - A community website
St. Mary Redcliffe and Temple School
Scipio Africanus - The slave buried in Henbury churchyard
Scrumpy and Western - everything about local bands
Semaphore Online - Local railway history
Skelton's Etchings of the Antiquities of Bristol
The Source - British Holy Wells and Springs, contains those in Bristol and surrounding areas
SS Great Britain
Stapleton Workhouse, Hospital and Asylum
Stoke Gifford Parish Council
Sugar in Bristol - The sugar trade in Bristol
Tangent Books - books about Bristol
Temple Quarter - Redevelopment of the Temple district
Three Centuries of Ceramic Art in Bristol
Thomas Chatterton Society
Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society - An index to their superb articles - many of which are now in PDF format.
University of Bristol
University of the West of England
University of Withywood - Community education
Victorian & Edwardian Photographs - This is another site by Roger Vaughan and contains a list of Bristol photographers from 1852 to 1972
Views of Bristol not usually found on postcards - Some interesting views of Bristol
Virtual Tourist - Links to Bristol sites
Visit Bristol - Bristol Tourism and Conference Bureau site
Westcountry Books - Local book publishers
Western Daily Press - Our local daily newspaper
Widening Gate - online edition of the book Widening Gate: Bristol and the Atlantic Economy, 1450-1700
What's on Bristol - What's on in Bristol
Whitchurch - Local history
William Spickett - A young Bristolian's life and death in WWI
Windmill Hill City Farm
Winterbourne Family History Online
Workhouse - includes a history of Bristol's workhouses (look under both Somerset and Gloucestershire)
Young Immigrants to Canada - This site has an interesting piece about children sent to Canada from Bristol

Business & Consumer Issues

Rip-Off Report


Lots of these sites seem to have more than their fair share of ads and some of the pages seem very slow to load but you should be able to find what you are looking for
http:'/ - a huge listing of clipart sites

Computer Security & Safety

Cyber Angels - now run by the Guardian Angels
Cyber Law Enforcement
Wired Patrol - formerly CyberAngels

Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race

International Canoe and Kayak Marathon
Official Homepage
Paddler's Perspective


In June 2001 I bought a DVD player, a Samsung 612. I'm not really interested in changing the region code of the player (I use Power DVD) but I wanted to find a way of capturing clips to an AVI or MPEG file.

CD Media World
Digital Digest - Anything and everything to do with DVDs
DVD Scene
Nicky Pages' Digital Solutions
VCD Help - Anything and everything to do with DVDs

Earth Mysteries

American Society of Dowsers
Chris Witcombe sites
Facade - Tarot, Biorythyms, even fortune telling by lawyers
Jayz Ghost Stories
Museum of Unnatural History - everything paranormal
Mystical WWW
Parascope - everything paranormal
Sliding Stones
Stone Pages - A guide to megalithic Europe
Weird Research
Weird West


American Rivers
Co-op America's Green Pages
Cuyahoga River Exhibit
Environment Canada
Friends of the Earth
Global Ideas Bank
Socially Responsible
University of Strathclyde - Geography


3D Flags - Animated flags of the world
American Flag and Gift - although a commercial site it contains a lot of facts and useful images
Animated Flags - animated flags of the world
Betsy Ross and the American Flag from
Drawing the Union Jack Accurately
Flag Day - a history of the US flag
Flagline - a commercial site, more of use if you want to purchase a flag
Flag Institute - a huge site about the flags of the world
Flag of the United States
Flags of the World - a huge, useful site
Guide to American Flags from the University of Oklahoma College of Law - lots of historical information on this site
History of the Union Jack from the British Monarchy official website
Hornswoggled - an alternative to the familiar US flag?
Making of the Union Jack from English Customs and Traditions by Woodlands Junior School
Sons of the Revolution in California - a huge site with a history of American flags
Unofficial American Flag Homepage
US Flag History from Bob Hunt's Home Page
US Flag History from the California Regiment of Young Marines
US Flags from Vexillology - the study of flags site
World Flag Database - a huge site


Acid Fonts
Best of Web
PC Fonts
Soft Seek


I use FoxPro a lot, I've found it more memory and disk space efficient than Access or Excel. FoxPro resources are pretty thin on the ground, but here's some of the best I've found.

Dr Thomas Hicks of Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas. An excellent site with all sorts of links and tutorials, including some on FoxPro, web design and JavaScript.
FoxPro White Papers
Malcolm Pitcher's FoxPro
Microsoft Visual Foxpro

Free Stuff

All sorts of freebies on these sites

The Free Site
Free Stuff Center


Links to the sites of my friends and colleagues

Andrew's Site - my friend Andy's site
Glenn Adams - Glenn is a fellow Bristolian, now living in Canada. These are his paintings
Patty Thomas


Emulators - want to play old games or games from different platforms? This About site has a good list of sites where you can get them
Free Game Downloads
Solitaire Central - lots and lots of solitaire games

Games (online)

These sites contain a selection of games that can be played across the internet

AOL Games
Mini Clip Games
MSN Games
Yahoo Games


Genealogy in Indiana - About list of sites
Bristol Area Family Genealogy - Personal family genealogy sites covering the Bristol area
Bristol & Avon Family History Society - A genealogy site
Bristol Public Record Office
Cyndi's list - a huge site of genealogy resourses - lists of genealogy sites
GENUKI - UK genealogical resource
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Contains passenger lists of ships leaving Bristol
Jeff Knaggs Homepage - Family genealogy for Knaggs / Reece / Rundle, lots of references to Bristol
Marj's Place - Lots of information about immigrants to Canada
National Public Record Office
Peter Hodge's Genealogy Research
Roots Web
Ships List - From the Old World to the New
US GenWeb Project


WARNING the sites in this category contain articles, pictures and links to other sites that a lot of people really wouldn't want to see. DO NOT go to these sites unless you are broadminded. Personally, I find them fascinating, but not at meal times.

Banged Up

Greetings Cards

Electronic greetings cards

Blue Mountain
Express It
Passion Up


About Health and Fitness
Body 1
Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Healing Well
Health Library
Pathologic Basis of Disease
Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education
Tummy Health
Your Surgery
WebMD Health

History - all things to do with the East
British Association for Local History - also has some very useful links
The Historical Association - history in general, with links to other sites
Library of Congress - A huge site, full of interesting information - a history of Vietnam, the war and humanitarian aid


Annals of Improbable Research - The weird and whacky world of scientific research
Bamdad's Math Comics - Sadly, now gone but you can read the copyright infringement notice!
Bob and Tom Show - My first visit to the US was a fly drive around California. We found the Bob and Tom show on the radio and it was so funny we often had to stop the car to listen properly. This is their website.
BunnyLand - this is a warped site, visit BunnyHell or Skewered on the Picket Fence!
Christine's Arty Fun Emporium - A nice collection of jokes and cartoons
Darwin Awards - Celebrate the theory of evolution by commemorating the remains of those who improved our gene pool by removing themselves from it in really stupid ways.
Doc's Pages - Jokes, funny pictures, this site's got something for everyone.
Extra Bad - A collection of Flash cartoons, check out Block Death
Fade To Black - Very funny, but may cause offense if you are religious. See Ask Susan for details.
Flow Go - A collection of funny sites
Fun LOL - A collection of funny stuff
Funnies - some very funny articles here
Fun Stuff
How to be Obnoxious in French - the title sums this site up
Humorix - Funny spoofs on Microsoft and Linux
JAB TV - As the page says "cutting edge cartoons, flash animations , games, parody songs, fake commercials, celebrity spoofs and political commentary for the simple minded."
Japanese Engrish
Lots of Jokes - Exactly what it says
Mac Emulator
Meaning of Liff - A very strange dictionary
Nitpickers - Plot, historical, continuity and technical errors in movies
Python Net - Unofficial Monty Python site
Send a Friend - Full of allsorts
Spite Magazine - Some weird articles here
Storm Trooper - Not really funny - at least not for the guy this happened to
Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow Torches - Burn out your toaster in the name of scientific research
Urban Legends - Are these stories true? Or are they justporkies?
US Military Humour


See Terre Haute for more sites specific to my new home town

About Genealogy in Indiana
Access Indiana
Angel Mounds Indiana State Historic Site
Conner Prairie - a living history museum
Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology
Historic Forks of the Wabash
Indiana Biographies
Indiana Caves
Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Indiana Historical Bureau
Indiana Historical Society
Indiana Landform Atlas at Landform Atlas of the United States
Indiana State Library
Indiana State Museum
Indiana University Press - lots of books on Indiana
Inspire - Indiana Virtual Library
US Census Bureau (Indiana)
Wabash and Erie Canal

I.Q. Tests and other Brain Teasers

Some of these sites contain webring links to more puzzles on the Puzzle Ring - links to other IQ and brain teaser pages - the British Mensa puzzle page

ISPs & Telcos

With the everchanging state of Internet Service Providers and telecommunication companies here's a few sites to help you choose which is best for you.

Call For Less
ISP Review
Net 4 Nowt
Telecoms Advice
UK Telecom Tariff Comparisons
UK Telephone Resources

MAC Stuff - I chat to a few people who use MAC's, not the ubiquitous Windows. Some of the software on this site helps us to share files.

Computing Net : Mac Forums
Mac Assist Forums
Mac Cognoscenti Webring
Mac Windows Integration
Mac World - Includes a forum
Mighty Mac Webring
Pure Mac
ZNet Macdownload

Multimaps - this site contains some aerial photos too.
World Atlas


A big hello to those of you from Ivy - try not to tell the Great Maths Goddess you've been using these sites ;-) , and certainly don't tell her you went to the Software section on this page and searched for math, algebra or calculus !!! (She's good so you don't really need to anyway)

Amazing Number Facts - All sorts of things about numbers
Catalan Numbers
Delta Blocks - In the vein of Escher and other mathematical pictures
Fibonacci Numbers
Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section - includes easy and hard puzzle pages
Fun with Mathematics
Fun with PI
GIMPS - Searching for Mersenne Primes
Harmonic Numbers
Hop's Gallery - In the vein of Escher and other mathematical pictures
Interactive Mathematics
Introduction to Catalan Numbers
Jim Loy's Mathematics Page
Kryss Tal - a good maths site
Largest Known - The largest known Perfect and Prime numbers
Life and numbers of Fibonacci
List of Perfect Numbers
Mathematicians born in Bristol
Math Forum
Maths History
Maths Java Tools
Pascal's Triangle and its Patterns
Pascal's Triangle and related triangles
Prime Pages - Perfect numbers, Primes and Mersenne Primes
Quick Maths
Robert's Math Figures
SAL Mathematics
Simpsons Maths - Mathematics on the Simpsons TV cartoon show
SOS Mathematics
Suzanne's Mathematical Lessons
World of Mathematics

Maths history

Math Archive
Maths History
Earliest Uses of Various Mathematical Symbols
Institute for History and Foundations in Mathematics


Bartleby - A great reference site
Dr Thomas Hicks of Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas. An excellent site with all sorts of links and tutorials, including some on FoxPro, web design and JavaScript.
EARL - Library resource site
Fourmilab - a great site full of science and other stuff
Fortean Times - A magazine of the bizarre
Free Advice - Free legal advice forums
Jim Loy's Homepage - A good collection of stuff here, logic, maths, puzzles, pseudoscience
Shockwave - games, animations and of course, the players
Simply the Best - lots of scripts, programs, fonts and other stuff here
Southern Poverty Law Center - this site also keeps a list of terrorist or suspect groups inside the US
Kemble Kollection - Like my site a mixture of all sorts of subjects, Sutton Coldfield, the Army, The Royal Navy etc. etc.
Truth of Fiction - a site of rumours and whether they are true or false
Web Exhibits - as they say, the highest quality and most interesting exhibits in the internet.
Wedding Anniversaries - What the traditional gifts for each year were and their modern equivilents - Wolverhampton University School of Computing and Information Technology web site. A very good site, especially useful are the links to HTML code, the maths pages, search engine analysis and web bits and pieces (backgrounds, seperator bars, icons etc.)


I've a pretty wide range in musical tastes, here's some links to my favourites, a search using Dogpile or AllTheWeb will bring up more sites, but beware the bloody commercial sites have taken over the search engines. Most are British 70's bands, but that's because I like British 70's bands.

Billy Bragg
Black Sabbath - Real heavy metal not techno-thrash
Enya - a great vocalist
Joan Armatrading
Jimmy Buffet - My wife loves this man's music, I've got to admit he is quite good
MP3.COM - a proper download site, not like Napster or one of the other P2P sites
Pink Floyd - One of the best bands in the world - ever
Procul Harem - another band from the past but still going strong
Queen - what more needs to be said?
SAHB (Sensational Alex Harvey Band), SAHB Surfers
Stiff Records - one of the best record labels of the 70's and 80's
Teannaich - Scottish Ceilidh band
The Clash - one of the Punk survivors
The Who - no one can touch them
The Wurzels - Great showband from cider country
Tom Petty - I know he's American, but he is good


Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare

A Brief History of Porton Down
British Nuclear Test Veterans Association
Chemical Warfare
Christmas Island Remembered
History of Bio-Terrorism
Poison Gases
Science in War
WWI Chemical Warfare

Nursery Rhymes

Not just the rhymes, but the history behind them

History of Nursery Rhymes
Urban Legends

Optical Illusions

(but I think mine is one of the best around)

Art & Illusions - A nice collection of illusions
Der Neandertaler Regiert - A German language site, some very interesting stuff here
Impossible World
Puzzling Place - a live optical illusion and holograph exhibit
The World of Escher


I'm as proud to be British as Patty, my wife, is as proud to be American

Around the World with Patriotic Music
British & American Patriotic Songs
British Imperialistic Anthems
British Patriotic Songs (1)
British Patriotic Songs (2)
English Patriotism
Jack's US Traditional & Patriotic Tunes
John Bull & Uncle Sam
Popular Songs in American History
Sterling Times - British nostalgia
Top 5 US Patriotic Musical Albums
Top 10 US Patriotic Music Albums
Traditions UK
US Patriotic Icons

People Finders

Alumini - worldwide ex-school friend finder
Classmates - US ex-school friend finder
David Axfords Site - Includes an Ex Royal Navy people finder
Ex Forces Network - Ex British Forces people finder
Find People
Friends Reunited - UK ex-school friend finder
Highschool Alumini - US ex-school friend finder
Nerd World
Old Oppos - Ex Royal Navy people finder
Reverse Phone Directory
Vimart - Ex-services and other people finder


Carte-de-Visite Photographs - Site 1 - As with mine this site is on different servers - choose which you like
Carte-de-Visite Photographs - Site 2
City Gallery
Ensign Cameras
Fashion A La Carte - Roger Vaughan's homepage on 19th century photographs
Film Sound Design
Fox Talbot Museum
History of Cinematography
Ikons Centre
Museum of the History of Science
Photographic Historical Society
Photography Net
Royal Photographic Society
Victorian & Edwardian Photographs - This is another site by Roger Vaughan and contains a list of Bristol photographers from 1852 to 1972
Visual Alchemy


Other programming resources can be found under QBasic and Web Stuff

Algorithims - Sorts and Searches
Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problems - a great site from NIST with links to code examples
Programmers Heaven - Contains lots of forums and QBasic
Ralf Brown's Interrupt List - A complete list of computer interrupts
Tek Tips - Programmers resources with forums and QBasic


Other programming resources can be found under Programming

AboutQBasic - A list of good QBasic sites
Basic Geru
Basic Users Net - good QBasic source, with a forum
Buff's Quickbasic - Good QBasic and QuickBasic site
Chipmunk Basic - A Basic for the Mac, lots of other QBasic links
Eagle Perch - Contains a good forum
Paladin - lots of QBasic downloads
QBasic Page - good QBasic source, with aforum

Rail Travel

Brit Rail
Great Western Archive
Mike's Railway History
Rail Track
Train Line
UK Railways

This section also contains links to sites dealing with subjects related to my father's time in the Royal Navy

About 20th Century History - history in general, with links to other sites
Arab Net - all things to do with the East
Britain at War - Britain during WWII
Britain's Small Wars
British Nuclear Test Veterans Association
Canada's Aircraft Carriers
Carlos Rufino - Machi served on ARA Independencia
Christmas Island Remembered
David Axfords Site - Includes an Ex Royal Navy people finder
Defense Journal - Everything military
Ex Forces Network - Ex British Forces people finder
Eyewitness: A North Korean Remembers - a history of Korea and the war
Fleet Air Arm Archive
Grumman S-2 Tracker
HMS Gambia Association
HMS Vanguard - a good site by an ex-crew member
HMS Vanguard - a good site by an ex-crew member
Hyperwar - Hypertext History of WWII
Kemble Collection - Mike Kemble's huge site
Military.Com - Everything about the US Armed Services
MOD Oracle - A military resource site
Museo de la Aviaci? Naval - Argentinean Naval Aviation (Spanish)
My Royal Canadian Navy - Tom Spowarts life in the Royal Canadian Navy
Naval Ships of Victor Johns - like mine, a site about a father's service
Old Oppos - Ex Royal Navy people finder
Post War Military Aviation - Vic Flintham's excellent site
Red Duster - The British Merchant Navy
Royal Navy - The official site
Tell it to the Marines - Life in the 1950's Royal Marines
USS Newport News CA-148
VE3FAB - Jerry Proc's site of the Royal Canadian Navy
Vets with a Mission - a history of Vietnam, the war and humanitarian aid
VSC Bulletin Board - Victory Services inter-service information board
World Aircraft Carriers List: Canada
WWII Cruiser Operations

World War 2: Cruiser Operations logo

Science & Technology

How Stuff Works - exactly what it says
Molecular Expressions - the wonderful world of optical microscopy. What do you get when you mix several billion pounds worth of research and manufacturing resources and a techie with a sense of humour? - Find the section called Silicon Zoo!
National Institute of Standards & Technology
New Scientist
Royal Institution of Great Britain
Science News
Science Projects - I received an email from Peter Macinnis who was looking for information on Optical Illusions, this site contains his list of Science Fair and Project ideas. It is more of use to science teachers rather than to us mere mortals.

Screen Savers

Screen savers are also available from the software sites, but these are specific sources. When you download them look at the files before you install them as some are Windows Themes rather than plain screen savers and you may find yourself changing more than you bargained for !

Search Engine Watch - Everything you need to know about search engines
Virtual Search Engines - Specialised search engines


A list of SIRDS programs
Another list of SIRDS programs
Magic Eye
Programmers Heaven 2


Good sources of software (Shareware or free). For Windows utilities and tips see also under Windows

C Net
Rocket Download
Simply the Best
Simtel Net
Win Site
Xoom Downloads


About SQL - links to SQL sites
Access SQL
Database Journal - Everything to do with managing databases, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Access, DB2

Terre Haute

It seems that everyone in Terre Haute has a website - here's a selection of them. See Indiana for wider issues in the State of Indiana

Action News 10 - includes webcam of Terre Haute
Area Guide
Bob Smith Photos
Bratt Family Genealogy
Bridge Center
CANDLES Holocaust Museum
Chamber of Commerce
Childrens Science and Technology Museum
Choral Society
Civil War - Indiana
Community Band
Community of St. Patrick
Dave Honan's Ferroequinology
Dr & Mrs Eek
Experimental Aviation Association
Free Classifeds
Haley Tower - Railway history society for the Greater Wabash Valley area
Haunted Happenings
History of Wabash Valley Goodwill Industries
Hulman Field Airport
Indiana Facts
Indiana State University
Ivy Tech State College - I'm a student here, so it must be good
Local Indiana History
Rotary Club
Symphony Orchestra
Tribune Star
Vigo County GenWeb
Vigo County Historical Society


Daylight Saving Time (Web Exhibit site)
Greenwich Mean Time
History of legal time in Britain
Indiana Time
US Naval Observatory (Time Service Department)

UK / International Freight / Parcel Delivery

Business Post

United Kingdom

UK specific information

Association of British Counties
Britain Express
British Foreign & Commonwealth Office
British Monarchy - the official site
Chard Jewellers - an excellent site that has much information on the British pre-decimal coinage system
Cockney - a very good site about London and its inhabitants
The Counties of England
English Weights and Measures
Jaques Proot - pages explaining all sorts of old measurements
Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch at the BBC
Paul Lewis - a page explaining the old British pre-decimal coinage system
United Kingdom Passport Service

US Immigration

American Immigration Center
Britain USA - British Embassy in the US
British Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Bureau of Consular Affairs
Free Immigration Law advice
United Kingdom Passport Service
US Embassy, London
US Immigration and Naturalization Service Center


I wanted to buy some hardware to get video images into my PC, here's the hardware I found

Pinnacle Systems

Web stuff

These sites are for Website utilities and tips. he sites under Software may also be helpful

About Personal Web Pages - A whole bunch of links and articles
Act Now Domains - Transfer domains and find a host
Any Browser - HTML, Meta tag and link checker, and a whole bunch more
BestWeb Javascript - The site also says they'll be adding more languages soon
Bravenet - a great collection of website enhancements including counters, forums and guestbooks
Code Library - A collection of ASP, CSS, DHTML, JavaScript and HTML routines
Counter Bloke - free web counter
Crows JavaScript
DHTML Shock - Some great scripts and ideas here
DtDNS - A commercial site that enables you to host your website from your own PC
Echo Echo - HTML and Java tutorials and forums
Gostats - free web counter and tracking statistics
Host Search
HTML Goodies - HTML and Javascript
Internet Related Technologies - everything you need to know about website design and programming - includes CGI, Perl, DHTML, Javascript, VBScript, web databases etc.
Javascript made easy
Javascript source
Network Tools - Traceroute, Ping etc.
OpenBB - free message board provider
phpBB - free message board provider
Pico Search - free web site search engine
ProBoards - free message board provider
Search Engine Watch - everything you ever needed to know about search engines. It can even show you how to add one to your website. Lots of links.
Simply the Best - lots of scripts here - a site of free web page counters (without the ads)
Top Hosts
Trace Route
Web Attack - all sorts of web connected stuff
Web Hosts
Web Reference - a great reference site. Their tutorial for adding sounds to web pages is one of the best I've seen
What is my IP Address - Pretty obvious what this does, it gives your IP address
Xenu - the Link Sleuth hypertext link checker

Windows stuff

These sites are for Windows utilities and tips. The sites under Software may also be helpful

Active Win - a site covering most Windows releases and a host of other PC related stuff. Their tips and Tricks sections are excellent
BootDisk - lost your bootable disks? get one from this site. They also provide links to host of other useful sites
Computer Hope - Window, DOS, Games, Downloads this site is good
Computing Net - forums, FAQs, drivers, installation guides and tons of other stuff
Directron : Overclocking - How to overclock your CPU
DOS the Easy Way - Well some of us still use it. The site also contains a good forum
Driver Guide - a good source of device drivers
Easy Desk Software - its not often I list commercial sites but these people know the Windows registry. They also provide links to freeware and shareware sites
Mac Windows Integration
PC Plus - Lots of hints, tips, reviews and downloads here
Practically Networked - a very good site explaining how to set up a network, news, hardware reviews and more
Speed Guide - shows you how to make your PC as efficient as possible, overclocking and optimum internet performance
Win Drivers - lots of Windows drivers and other stuff


Bibliomania - 2000 + books, including the wonderful Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Book Preservation and Repair
Calligraphy for Everyone
Common Errors in English - this is part of Paul Brians' impressive website
Merriam - Webster Online
Onelook Dictionaries
Online Dictionaries
Scriptorium - Graham Smith's calligraphy pages
World Wide Words - Traces the origins of words and phrases
Your Dictionary

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