Public Domain and Creative Commons Resources and Sources


This is a page I didn't ever think I'd write. I've moaned several times that when looking for good public domain or creative commons sources that most of the sites I've found are just lists of sites where you can find public domain or creative commons files, but not the files themselves. So why did I write this one? Because these are sites that I've found most useful when looking for material for my YouTube channel and other projects and most of the other sites I found just direct you to other similar lists. These, apart from some very large listing sites, actually take you to the download sites.

General / Multi-purpose sites

Creative Commons
Dartmouth University
Internet Archive
Penn State Media Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Nearly all material on US and European government sites was created by or for government use and is in the public domain. This includes much material in he British National Archives and even the CIA World Factbook

Audio Tracks

Free Music Archive
Free PD
Fun Fun Fun Media
Internet Archive - Audio Archive
Nine Inch Nails - The Slip album
Pod Safe Audio
Sound Click - a mixture of commercial and free licenses


Animal Photos
Car Pictures
Every Stock Photo
Flickr Commons
Flickr Creative Commons
Free Digital Photos
Free Images UK
Geograph - Images of the UK
Google Image Search
NASA Image Archive
Open Clip Art Library
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
Photo Everywhere
Wikipedia - list of public domain image libraries

Sound Effects

Free Loops
Free SFX
Free Sound
Flashkit Loops
Flashkit Sound Effects
PD Sounds
Sample Swap

Video Clips

AV Geeks
Detonation Films- free explosions!
Internet Archive - Community Video
Internet Archive - Ephemeral Films
Internet Archive - Moving Picture Archive
Internet Archive - VJ Loops
National Archives - Public Information Films
Neo's Clip Archive
Public Domain Flicks

Using Creative Commons

Some videos created by the Free Music Archive and Creative Commons explaining the concept and use of the free libraries.

Some of my Favorites

Alone With Everybody - "A Brief Breath of Spring" - Free Music Archive
Camera - "Live at Solaris" - Free Music Archive
Goodbye Kumiko - "Bycycle Waltz" - Free Music Archive
Jahzzar - "Type Your Name Here Short: - Free Music Archive - used in Redbird SRA: May 21, 2006
Opal Book Club - "Tony Alva" - Fun Fun Fun Media - used in Opal Book Club - "Tony Alva"
Brad Sucks - "Dropping out of School" - Jamendo used in The Bronconator
The Freak Fandango Orchestra - "At the Beginning" - Free Music Archive
The Stutters - "1. The Stutters Live at Purple Pop" - Free Music Archive
The Stutters - "3. The Stutters Live at Purple Pop" - Free Music Archive
The Sun Blindness - "Village Tapestry (Marty Rhone)" - Free Music Archive
The Very Most - "Congrizzle 4evzzz" - Free Music Archive - used in Redbird SRA: May 21, 2006
Vermillion Sands- "4. Live at Maloe Melo" - Free Music Archive
Waylon Thornton - "Cold Spot" - Free Music Archive - used in Attica Badlands: March 18, 2006
Zea - "1. Zea Live at Beginner" - Free Music Archive - used in Goofin' Around at Attica Badlands: March 1, 2008

Free Stuff in Use

Free Music Archive Channel
YouTube Channel

This page created 3rd June 2012, last modified 15th March 2016

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