Dad's Navy Days

HMS Gambia - The Crew (1)

I've received an email from Iris who is trying to trace Bill Barraclough who served on HMS Gambia in the 1950's. If anyone knows of Bill, or even if Bill himself reads this, could they please contact me. My email address is

Kevin, on behalf of Sid Cowie, who was a LSA on Gambia between 51-54? is trying to trace John Givens who was a coder on the Gambia 53/54.

John Flage emailed me asking if anyone served with his father, Bill "Taffy" Flage. Bill served on HMS Gambia in 1953. If anyone knew him then please contact me at There is a "Taffy" on some of the following pages but I am unsure if this is the same person.

The following photographs are of my father and his shipmates aboard HMS Gambia. I know nothing at all about the people he served with apart from the nick names he gave them in the albums.

(1) Jenks, Brad & Dad (2) Dad & Taff (3)

(1) Jenks, Brad & Dad; (2) Dad & Taff; (3) Scouse, Chats, Cotty and Dad ~ 1950

In August 2001, Mr Jim Roberts on behalf of Mr Ray Harris, whose nickname was Chats, emailed me. Dad and Chats were very good friends. Chats lived in Bath, about twelve miles from Bristol, and still does. He relates how he and Dad would go to Ashton Park and watch Bristol City play football.

Dad - 1951 Dad - 1951

Dad ~ 1951

Ships Company - 1950 - 1952

Ships Company ~ 1950 to 1952


We think this is Commander R. F. Phillimore, MBE, DSC
One of Steve McAllister's photographs

Lt Hill - The Professor - 1950

Lt. Hill as The Professor ~ Ships Concert ~ 1950

ships conceert - 1950

Ships Concert ~ 1950

HMS Gambia - Christmas Day - 1950

Christmas Day ~ 1950

28 & 30 Seaman's Mess, all Radar men

John Harris, who very kindly sent me information about the collision with HMS Phoebe, is in the tall hat on the right, next to "Gur" the Arab

Christmas Day - 1950

Christmas Day ~ 1950

The photograph above was very kindly sent to me by Steve McAllister. His granddad is Alan 'Striker' Goodwin. Alan is pictured on the far left of the middle row and he served on HMS Gambia from 30th December 1949 to the 29th September 1952

Ken Booth very kindly sent a list of the others in the picture. They are...

Top Left to right: Tony 'Al' Murray, Tony "Boxer" Scammell, not known, LEM Jock Collins, and two not knowns.
Middle left to right: Alan Goodwin, not known, Alan Speakman, Scouse Edwards, Gordon Ross.
Front left to right: Fred Harling, Albert Howard, not known., John Stevenson.

Tony Scammell was known as "Boxer" because he was so good at it!

Cooling Off - 1951

'Cooling Off' ~ 1951

Christmas 1951

Christmas 1951
One of Steve McAllister's photographs, his grandfather, Alan Goodwin is pictured top left

Ken Booth also very kindly sent a list of the others in the picture. They are...

Top Left to right: Alan Goodwin, two not knowns, Tony Murray, Geoff. Walkden, not known, Gordon Ross (with the staring eyes).
Front Left to right: John Stevenson, Albert Howard, three not knowns, Fred Harling.

Rum issue

Rum Issue ~ 1952

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