Dad's Navy Days

HMS Gambia - The Crew (3)

The following photographs are of my father and his shipmates aboard HMS Gambia. I know nothing at all about the people he served with apart from the nick names he gave them in the albums.

Johnnie - 1951

Johnnie ~ 1951

Joney - 1950

Joney ~ 1950

Funeral of A/B Kerr, Rangoon - 1951 Grave of A/B Kerr - Rangoon, Burma - 1951

The funeral of A/B Kerr, drowned whilst sailing on Victoria Lake, Rangoon, 1951

You can read more about this sad incident on the old HMS Gambia Association site.

Reggie - 1950 Reg 2 - 1950

Reggie (Fatty) Ford ~ 1950

Denys Powell

Dennis Powell

Denys Powell served on HMS Gambia from 1949 to 1952.

These photographs of him were kindly sent to me by his daughter, Anita Neads.

Denys Powell

Denys Powell, 26th June 1949

Scouse #1

Scouse ~ 1950

Sweety - 1950

Sweety ~ 1950

Taff - 1951

Taff ~ 1951

Is this Bill "Taffy" Flage? If you know, please email at His son, John, would like to hear from soneone who knew him.

1955 hockey team

This is a photograph was kindly sent by Paul Stanley and shows the Gambia's Hockey team of 1955

Stirring the Christmas Pudding - 1955

Stirring the Christmas Pudding - December 1955

Another photograph kindly sent by Paul Stanley. From left to right :-

Ck Morrisey, Mne Ck Whitehead, Ck Jenkins, P.O. Ck Ford, P.O. Ck Bennet, Cdr Trythall, C.P.O. Ck Heath, P.O. Ck Newell.

Gambia dog - 1950 Gambia Cat - 1952

I don't know how they did it, but the animals look none too happy

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