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HMS Warrior - The Ship (1) - 1953

HMS Warrior was built by Harland & Wolff, she was laid down on 12th December 1942 and launched 20th May 1944. She was finally completed on 24th January 1946. For two years (1946 - 1948) she was loaned to the Royal Canadian Navy and not commissioned into the Royal Navy until November 1948.

She was an experimental aircraft carrier in that several innovatations were tried out on her. Bill Owens who served on her on a commission before my father's emailed me in March 2009 that "she was fitted with a rubber deck which was laid on a 'nest' of air hoses so that the first generation jet planes - without undercarriages - could land on. Some did, others skidded overboard. We came to the salute and sailed over them. The experiment went on for some time until one crashed into the Island and the designers went back to the drawing board."

She acted as the headquarters ship for the atom bomb tests on Malden Island known as Operation Grapple in 1957 and 1958.but was sold to Argentina as ARA Independencia in 1958. Commissioned 26th January 1959, she was in service with them till stricken from Argentinean Navy list in 1971 when she was scrapped.

HMS Warrior - sea trials

HMS Warrior on sea trials ~ 1953

HMS Warrior - speed trials

HMS Warrior on speed trials ~ 1953

Gun Crew - Closed up - 1953

HMS Warrior ~ Gun crew closed up ~ 1953

HMS Warrior - 1953

HMS Warrior ~ 1953

HMS Warrior - 1953

HMS Warrior ~ 1953

Warrior - bound for the Far East - 1953

HMS Warrior ~ Leaving Plymouth Sound bound for the Far East ~ 1953

HMS Warrior - Grand Harbour - Malta - 1953

HMS Warrior ~ Grand Harbour, Malta ~ 1953

HMS Warrior

HMS Warrior on escort duty to Gothic, carrying Her Majesty the Queen

HMS Warrior and Gothic

HMS Warrior and Gothic ~ 1953

Preparing fuel lines

Preparing fuel lines ~ HMS Warrior ~ 1953

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