Bizarre Postcards (22)


Postcards showing a play on words including double entendre and innuendo.

Am not at liberty just now

Am not at liberty just now

As the back of the postcard is undivided, that dates it between December 24, 1901 and March 1907. The post mark is indistinct, but appears to be 1907. In very small lettering under the image is printed:

Copyright 1905 Raymond Howe

On the back, also in small print is:

A.T.F. Co. Chi.

Raymond Howe is probably the same person as J. Raymond Howe who was printing his own cards in Chicago from around 1904 to 1914 or 1916. The company was an important card publisher and a prolific publisher of greeting cards, especially Christmas cards, cartoons, and topical cards featuring subjects such as suffragettes. Their graphics were influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement.

The A.T.F. Company, Chicago seems to have been active from 1905 and continued into the divided back era.

I'd Like to 'Pinch' Somebody

I'd Like to "Pinch" Somebody

Apart from the usual "For Correspondence" and "For Address Only" this card does not have any other printed text on the reverse. It was posted in 1912.

The hand-written message is a little odd:

Was so sorry to hear of he "authors" death. Let me know when and where the funeral will be, will you? I expect you will want to pinch me when I tell you that I let Newt [?] read that letter but I didn't know any better until too late. Next time you send a letter to a [???] label it will you? From U know.