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I am hoping to make this one of the most complete bibliographies of books about Bristol available. So far, I own copies of around one third of these books and pamphlets. Unfortunately, some of these books were privately published in limited numbers and others are now extremely rare, so there is now very little chance of collecting them all.

The Book List

The table is sortable by clicking on the column headers. Links in the Title cells will take you to an online version of the full text. Links in the Publisher's cells will take you to the publisher's website.

Missing Books

Although I try and make this list as comprehensive as I can, I am bound to have missed your favourites. If I have, you can email me at and I will add them.

Finding the Books

Many of the books are now out of print, difficult to find and not available through the larger resellers such as Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), Barnes & Noble (Midwest US), Blackwell's (UK), or Waterstones (UK).

It may be worth trying to find them from the better of the rare, out of print, and speciality local history resellers such as AbeBooks, Alibris, Ambra Books, Book Depository, Lesley Aitchison, Stella & Rose's Books, and ThiftBooks.

Apart from Google Search or your favourite other search engine, there are speciality book finder sites such as BookFinder.

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