Dad's Navy Days

HMS Gambia - The Ship (3)

Hoisting the motor boat aboard - 1952

Hoisting Gambia's motor boat aboard ~ 1952

Tinfish - 1952

Firing Exercise ~ 1952

Gambia - Heavy ship cock - 1952

Heavy ship cock - won by Gambia at a regatta at Argustoli, Greece ~ 1952

Ken Booth wrote in November 2002, "The Gambia was waiting in Bombay in February '52 to go across to Mombassa to escort Princess Elizabeth and Phillip to Australia after their holiday in Kenya, but when the King died they flew home. We then became permanent members of the East Indies fleet until we sailed for home via the Med. where we took the trophy "Cock of the Fleet" as we passed through. It was hard work for those competing boats crews though."

HMS Gambia ~ 1952

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